Poor Eyesight–and a Possible Solution

Vision News from the In-Home Caregiver

Poor vision is a health concern for millions of seniors, one which not only increases their risk of injury but also decreases quality of life. It’s easy for the rest of us to forget that our elderly loved ones with poor vision don’t see the world the way we do, but they need our sympathy and assistance in order to stay safe. The in-home caregiver passes on some advice concerning vision, as well as a treatment for macular degeneration that is currently in the testing phase.

Adjust the Environment

If your loved one suffers from macular degeneration, one of the most important things you can do is make his environment more accommodating. Items in the kitchen and bedroom should always make it back to their designated locations, so that the senior does not have to hunt for them. Labels in large lettering can help differentiate similar-looking cabinets and drawers as well. Consider buying a phone and remote control with oversized buttons that make them easier to see.

Offer a Helping Hand

Think proactively about helping your senior accomplish tasks that require vision. Write down a phone number; cook a meal; pay a bill; or take down a thank-you note without waiting for your loved one to admit that he can’t manage it. Seniors with poor vision feel much better about accepting help from family or an in-home caregiver when they don’t have to ask for it.

Medical Research

Stem cells hold great promise for a number of medical applications, and one of them may be curing macular degeneration. A procedure to implant stem cells in the eye is in the human testing stage, with volunteers in California, Texas, and New York trying it out for the first time. Hopefully a solution for macular degeneration is not far away!

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